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Washington DC

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Visitor Marketing

Washington DC Office

Washington, DC, known mostly for being the nation's capital and political hub, shows a different face for visiting tourists when theaters, nightclubs, and sports venues come to life with entertainment options. The nation’s capital hosts 20 million domestic visitors each year who spend $7.3 billion.


If you're in DC, there are so many attractions, you'll most likely have to narrow your list down. The abundance of political monuments and museums can be overwhelming. Factor in all of its cultural activities, shopping areas and restaurants, and you'll need weeks to explore everything.

CTM's Distribution Programs

  • Washington DC Area Hotels
  • Washington DC Capitol Hill
  • Local and Recreation Washington DC
  • Embassies
  • Maryland Area Hotels
  • Washington DC Digital Touch Screen Network
  • Additional Feeder Markets Include:
  • Northern Virginia, National Harbor
  • and Maryland Hotels
  • Welcome Centers:
  • Dulles| Fairfax and Area Hotels
  • Virginia Digital Touch Screen Network
  • Baltimore Digital Touch Screen Network

Sample Visitor Locations

  • Big Bus Travel Center
  • Embassies
  • City Segway
  • Union Station
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