87% of visitors

value brochures and find them useful. 86% of visitors were influenced in one way or another by the brochures they picked up.

7 out of 10 visitors

use travel brochures, visitor maps, or travel guides for their trips.

1 in 5 visitors

purchased tickets or merchandise from businesses mentioned in brochures.


Brochure distribution

Wonder if anyone even uses brochures anymore? They absolutely do.

In fact, new research conducted by the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University confirms that brochures are the #1 in-market influence on visitors’ decision making process.

What’s more, the influence of brochures from a display stand (69%) has edged ahead of web sites (68%) when a tourist arrives at their destination.

Every brochure represents a potential customer—and delivers qualified leads at a cost no other vertical can provide.

Are they also doing social media and online digital campaigns? Of course! But the fact is, the ability to get in front of and into the hands of millions of visitors each year is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. (Got more questions? See our FAQs)


Interactive Touchscreens & Digital Signage

Instantly connect with visitors through digital engagement.

CTM’s VisitorFun ExploreBoards are placed in high-traffic tourist locations in select markets.  Find them at attractions, visitor centers, airports, retail destinations, and hotel lobbies at hundreds of premier hotels, including Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and Crowne Plaza. Unique digital campaigns feature photos, videos, events, maps, directions, and answers to frequently asked questions about your business. Visitors learn about you and can quickly make itinerary decisions while on their vacation. Information is easy to share by email, text, or on our visitorfun.com website. Digital signage opportunities on our networks are another cost-effective way to reach our place-based audience.

Visitor Out-Of-Home

Visitor Out-Of-Home (VOOH) marketing takes the proven formats of traditional Out-Of-Home and Digital Out-Of-Home advertising to connect with a place-based audience of tourists, visitors, and travelers at transportation centers, lodging facilities, attractions, and retail environments.

VOOH campaigns include the distribution of printed rack cards, brochures, maps, and guides, as well as interactive digital screens and display signage.

The ability to self-select and take or share information of interest increases the effectiveness and reach of Visitor Out-Of-Home campaigns.


Get yourself in front of local visitors.

Maps & Guides are among the most popular resource of local information for visitors.

And as the exclusive publisher over 4 million annual visitor maps and guides among 40 tourism destinations, we have the ability to feature your business—right in your market, and right where visitors are looking. View recent CTM publications here.

Learn more about local advertising opportunities.

VisitorFun Cards

Looking to make a big impact on a small budget?

VisitorFun cards are a powerful, low-cost marketing tool designed to proactively drive traffic through special promotional offers or value statements.

CTM’s VisitorFun Card program provides an all-inclusive design, printing and distribution service.

Easy to grab-and-go, these pocket-friendly cards provide access to information on local attractions, museums, tours, shops, restaurants and events with a clear call to action value statement, contact information and detailed location map sending visitors directly to your business.


“Our CTM ExploreBoards have a been a great way to offer an additional resource of information for our guests, especially during peak business periods.”

– Michael Savastano, Director of Guest Services, Grand Hyatt New York

Mobile Information Centers

Get in front of visitors the moment they decide to make (or break) plans.

CTM’s outdoor information center frequents popular visitor locations in and around local tourism destinations and may include popular festivals, events, concerts and other outdoor venues. Most mobile information centers typically operate Saturday and Sunday for a 6-month period beginning in the late Spring – to early Fall.

Discounted Printing Services

Need to print marketing collateral? We can help!

Thanks to our consolidated buying power, CTM is able to pass along deep discounts on print expenses for your marketing collateral.

Coordinate your next brochure, rack card or custom print job conveniently with one company. Let CTM deliver the cost savings your business demands.

Graphic Design Services

Need help creating your brochure or ad? We can help!

Let CTM’s in-house graphic design experts offer full service design to help you create your next brochure or marketing promotion, and can manage your design needs from start to finish.

Whether you need a mutli-panel brochure, rack card, or publication, CTM has the experience to make your ad or publication come to life.


"Attracting tourists is an important piece of the puzzle. We rely on CTM to distribute our brochures in our region and plan to continue for many more years to come."

- Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau

"CTM Media Group is an integral part of our successful marketing program. These campaigns contribute to our strategy of building awareness with tourist, visitors and local residents throughout the year."

- Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

"CTM is constantly deriving innovative ways to promote our business, and offers a competitive edge in today's marketing world. Our brochure distribution program is by far one of our top rated promotion avenues."

- Sawgrass Recreation Park

Chicago Trolley

"From our brochure distribution program to the digital screen network and display headers seen around the city - CTM plays a key role in the marketing our business."

- Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.

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