Know the Facts!

4 out of 5

tourists pick up
brochures in-market

3 out of 4

visitors who pick up a brochure
become aware of a business


plan to visit a business
they saw in a brochure


of visitors that pick up brochures
consider altering their travel plans


of visitors plan to purchase tickets or
merchandise after picking up a brochure


of visitors share brochures
with 3+ travel companions

Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology,
2018 Visitor International Study

Hotel staff & visitor centers know that printed media works.

of front desk staff favor the use of printed media
of hotels surveyed provide visitor information for their guests using a brochure display
of respondents overwhelming support the availability of print media ranking it extremely important for their guests
of Hospitality Professionals said providing visitor information to guests was “extremely important” or “very important.”
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