• CTM Co-Hosts Webinar on "What Positively Impacts Visitors During a Trip"

    CTM Media Group along with Certified Folder Display hosted a highly informational webinar on March 6th, 2019 regarding "What Positively Impacts Visitors During a Trip."  

  • ATTN: Restaurants...Hungry Tourists Are Looking For You!

    Getting yourself in front of tourists at the exact moment they are looking for a place to eat is priceless.  Sure, visitors can access information 24/7 on their phones or tablets…but what matters most is what’s directly in front of them the moment they want it.

  • Map Ad Design Tips

    We have an awesome in-house Design team here at CTM and we've asked them to share some insider tips on how to best design Map Ads  in order to maximize your results and draw people to your business!

  • How to Create a Brochure That Moves

    The best brochures are authentic, experiential, connect to crowd appeal and appeal to women. Here are an insider tip and a quick guide to creating a brochure that gets people in the door.

  • Digital Age Doesn't Diminish Need for Print Brochures in Hospitality Industry

    In an era when most people turn to their mobile device for information, you might assume these printed materials would become relics. Not true, according to a new survey conducted by Bentley’s Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) and commissioned by Visitor International.


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