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of front desk and concierge staff agree that guests appreciate it when visitor brochures and maps are used to engage them.


of hotels surveyed believe brochures and maps influence visitors, guiding them to local experiences.


of hospitality professionals said guests “almost always” or “often” utilize printed brochures and maps during their stay.


agree that providing guests with comprehensive local information is  either “extremely important” or “very important.”


of respondents believe most guests prefer physical brochures and maps over digital links to information.

Results of a comprehensive 2023 survey by Visitor International

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No cost to you.

It doesn’t cost you anything to be a Hotel Location Partner.

CTM will provide you and your guests with a free professional service that offers an enhanced visitor experience to your guests.

We will regularly deliver local content to your location, providing your guests with information regarding local fun things to do, places to eat and events & festivals in the area.

Our service supports the concierge and other hotel staff so that they can more quickly and easily share fun, exciting activities and experiences with their guests.

Service you can trust.

Trusted by over 19,000 location partners in the US & Canada.

We have three decades of experience supporting service personnel in your industry.

We’ve partnered with hotels, attractions, conference centers, visitor centers, colleges, universities, transportation hubs and sport shops to ensure that visitors have the information they need to make decisions, right when they need it.

We’re a proud member of over 100 convention and visitors bureaus to promote visitor attractions including restaurants, museums, theatre, activities and events.

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Your guests will thank you.

By becoming a CTM Hotel Location Partner, you will have the opportunity to showcase the greatest local expereinces & tourism attractions in your local marketplace.

Each CTM Information Display is customized to reflect a location partner’s decor and is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship. CTM Displays are available in a variety of materials, dimensions & formats.

Our Visitor Information Specialists take great pride in their work. Uniformed and using a customized, clearly marked service vehicle, our associates utilize sophisticated routing software and conduct regular frequency analyses to optimize service and ensure each location receives the attention it deserves.

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"I want to commend the professional services of CTM Media Group. Our VIS is always very efficient and patient when he stops by to stock up the brochure rack. As a concierge, I assist our guests with all kinds of information and CTM’s services enabling our guests to get a better idea on what to do and see while they are here."

Mary R Mastrobuoni, ConciergeSheraton Downtown Philadelphia Hotel

"ExploreBoard has been a part of our lobby for many months and is a convenient device for our guests as they are able to familiarize themselves with surrounding points of interest. We eagerly anticipate the future of ExploreBoard and the elevated level of service it allows us to provide our guests"

Sherine Robinson - Chef Concierge Regional Vice-Director, Ontario Intercontinental Toronto

"CTM has been very helpful with their service. We really appreciate having a team that can easily keep our brochure rack updated with the most current activities in our city, which helps keep our guests happy and it is stress free for us!"

Oscar Rodríguez, Guest Experience ManagerRadisson

"I just want to share how pleased we are with the service and information that is provided to us by CTM Media Group. The information is well used and so very much appreciated by our guests. I would recommend CTM to any hospitality organization that would like to enhance their customer experience."

Gary MyersDirector of Guest Services & SecurityChelsea Hotel Toronto

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