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of front desk staff favor the use of printed media


of hotels surveyed provide visitor information for their guests using a brochure display


of respondents overwhelming support the availability of print media ranking it extremely important for their guests


of Hospitality Professionals said providing visitor information to guests was "extremely important" or "very important.”


of Hospitality Professionals said guests “always” or “often” utilize visitor information brochures

Statistics courtesy of the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University 2016Center for Marketing Technology, Bentley University (featured on Visitor International)

about the effect of printed material on visitor decisions





Your goal, above all, is to provide top-notch service to your guests so that they can make the most of their stay.

What you can offer them, by way of service and resources, proves the difference between a place they pass through—to a place they remember.

Rather than rely solely on vast internet searches, or inconsistent and unmanaged, one-off suppliers of visitor information, we specialize and excel in organizing, delivering, and maintaining a supply of rich, varied content to serve the needs of your guests.

To that end, we:

  • Provide you and your guests with a free professional service that offers a full, rich visitor experience—and drives guest satisfaction.
  • Provide easy and available content at their fingertips, and yours, without endless and aimless searching.
  • Support concierge and other hotel staff so that they can more quickly and easily share fun, exciting activities and experiences with their guests.

Service you can trust

  • We have three decades of experience supporting service personnel in your industry, working with more than 19,000 location partners across North America.
  • We’ve partnered with hotels, attractions, conference centers, visitor centers, transportation centers, sports shops, colleges and universities to ensure that visitors have the information they need to make decisions—right when they need it.
  • We’re a proud member of over 100 convention and visitors bureaus to promote visitor attractions including restaurants, museums, theater, activities and events.
  • We create greater awareness of and support for local businesses via distribution of local print, publications, and digital products.
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Some things never change

The internet has profoundly shifted the way we plan and book trips—but one thing hasn’t changed: People’s penchant for making decisions in the moment. While visitors can access information 24/7, what matters most is that the opportunity they want is in front of them the moment they want it.

And that’s exactly where we put you.

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“I want to commend the professional service of CTM Media Group. They are courteous, prompt and dependable with their brochure service. I always look forward to seeing what new items they deliver. Working with CTM for 20 years has certainly made my job easier. I appreciate the friendship and value our relationship.”

-Nancy Love Butler, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

“Our CTM visitor information specialists are always very efficient and patient when they stop in to stock up our information display. They ensure everything is current and in good working order. As a concierge, I assist our guests with all kinds of information and CTM’s services enable our guests to get a better idea of what to do and see while they are visiting. Thank you, CTM.”

-Mary Mastrobuoni, Sheraton Philadelphia

“CTM has been very helpful with their service. We really appreciate having a team that can easily keep our information display updated with the most current activities in our city, which helps keep our guests happy and it’s stress free for us!”

-Oscar Rodriquez, Radisson Ottawa

“During the past 9 years, I have had the pleasure of working with CTM who has always fulfilled our needs here, which included building a unique display for our lobby space after our renovation. I can also call our information specialists a friend as he has truly done an amazing job over the years. I am thankful for our relationship and would highly recommend CTM to all hotels and information centers.”

-Evan Martin, DoubleTree Boston

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