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Number of Pieces
Enter the quantity distributed and picked up by visitors
Conservative estimate of qualified leads becoming customers
Number of Guests
The number of guests typically traveling together
Spending Per Person
Average guest ticket or service rate, including food, beverage, merchandise
Print Costs
Cost to design, print and deliver to CTM Media Group
CTM Media Services
Including warehousing, service and distribution

PIECES: Estimates are based on campaign length, seasonality and the number of locations and programs purchased.

FUN FACT: 80% of visitors share brochures they pick up with others: 10% share with 4+, 13% share with 3+, 19% share with 2+, and 38% share with 1+, -Bentley University


CONVERSION RATES vary by medium.

Conservative estimate of qualified leads becoming customers. Direct mail averages a .50 -2% response rate. By contrast, brochures are personally chosen and hand-picked by a qualified audience making travel decisions.


FUN FACTS: 54% of leisure stays include 2 adults ( 43% are 35-54 & 32% are 55+) with an average household income of $96,000.—AHLA Over half of the population travels with significant others, and almost 1/3 with children or friends. —Yahoo Travel Perception Study.


SPENDING includes admissions, donations, rental fees, food and beverage sales, parking, merchandise and souvenirs. FUN FACT: The average U.S. per-trip travel spend was $1,364, with international travelers spending $3,001(UK) - $6,243 (China) on their U.S. visits. —Statista


REQUEST A FREE PRINT QUOTE. CTM's print partners typically offer rack card rates as low as $0.03-$0.04 (USA) and $0.03-$0.05 (Canada) per piece, and 3-panel brochures from $0.05-$0.07 per piece. (Pricing varies based on quantity, paper stock, trim sizes, and gang run options.)


CTM SERVICES: Last year CTM distributed more than 100 million brochures, serviced 3.1 million brochure pockets through nearly 1/4 million service stops supported by a bar code inventory system, professional service representatives, routing software, pull rate reports, service confirmations and more.


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