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Our team of almost 200 people represents the spirit of our company; adventurous, passionate, and results driven. Our success is grounded in our commitment to service our customers, our host location partners, and our local communities. Below are just a few of the faces you will see buzzing around our offices to help our team deliver for our customers.

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  • Peter Magaro

    Peter Magaro


    Email: pmagaro@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I strive to make our clients, location partners and employees jobs easier and get better results.

    Why I love it: I’m always focused on how we can do better—whether it’s utilizing new technology or a better process to improve our service, or finding the next great way to get our client's message into the hands of their targeted audience, we can always improve.

    What I’m doing in this picture:  I am hiking in Coconino National Forest in Sedona, AZ with my family.  It was about 110 degrees in this photo, and while we were scorched, we really enjoyed the beauty of the red rock formations.  My favorite part of this day was we did a jeep tour right after this picture was taken – super fun and a great way to see the landscape.  The best part?  I found out about the tour from a brochure in our hotel!

  • Jerry McConnell

    Jerry McConnell

    Vice President of Operations

    Email: jmcconnell@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: My goal each day is to strive to provide excellent service to our location partners and our sales counterparts.

    Why I love it: I enjoy being part of a team, and each day I have the opportunity to help them develop professionally while keeping them focused on holding our service to the highest standard.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Celebrating the Fourth of July with my family at the Jersey Shore, where we spend as much time as we can.

  • Amber Abram

    Amber Abram

    Vice President of Digital Programs

    Email: aabram@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: My passion is connecting people to local fun, through a career spanning alt-weeklies, lifestyle magazines, festivals and events, street teams, print, websites and interactive touch screens.

    Why I love it: I get to work with operations, tech, design, and sales teams and support businesses, places and events that make local communities unique and special.

    What I’m doing in this picture: I will travel for food! Here I’m enjoying a messy beignet from NOLA’s Café du Monde. No matter the destination, expect to find me at a local cider house or craft brewery or researching the best local Mexican food and fried chicken restaurants.

  • Barb Mazur

    Barb Mazur

    Vice President of Corporate Support

    Email: bmazur@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I make sure everyone at CTM gets all the support they need to do their jobs, from creating databases and reports, to marketing and sales support—I make sure I’m there when our team needs me.

    Why I love it: I love puzzles, and a lot of my job involves solving them. By simplifying data and processes, I like being able to make it easy for my team to accomplish more. You need something? I’ll find it for you. Need it again? Let’s automate it. My motto is: Keep it simple.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Here, my daughter and I are celebrating the holidays at Niagara on the Lake in Ontario. We had a lovely day attending winery tours and sampling some of the best local foods. I love day tours and discovering local gems. I often get ideas from the brochure racks in our office!

  • Maria Tedesco

    Maria Tedesco

    Vice President of Human Resources

    Email: mtedesco@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: As an HR leader, I'm focused on attracting the BEST talent out there and implementing innovative programs and services to ensure our employees are always growing professionally.

    Why I love it: I'm passionate about discovering new ways to keep our culture alive and thriving, the CTM Way. We are successful when every employee feels personally and professionally connected, fulfilled, engaged and productive every day.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Here, my family is enjoying our time together on a southern California vacation! We visited the La Jolla Cove and enjoyed breathtaking views of the cliffs while getting up close with their famous resident sea lions.

  • Ira Nicoll

    Ira Nicoll

    Director of Accounting

    Email: inicoll@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I deliver CTM's financial reporting to our stakeholders, executives, and managers enabling CTM to deliver the best possible experience to our clients, partners and employees.

    Why I love it: I am continually engaged with CTM's financial, operational and sales community, both inside and out providing the financial information flow to fuel CTM's decision makers, improving what we do and how we do it in a fun, fulfilling and rewarding environment.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Here I am at Block Island's Sandy Point after a visit to the North Lighthouse; our family getaway during early summer, followed by a stroll through New Shoreham and a seafood dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

  • Kristin Giron

    Kristin Giron

    Art Director

    Email: kgiron@ctmmedia.com

    What I do:  I connect CTM Media Group's clients with travelers in-market through creative and responsive print design.

    Why I love it:  I get to work with a variety of clients to help create and communicate a meaningful connection with their market by aligning their vision and voice.

    What I’m doing in this picture:  I love competitive racing. Here, my husband and I had just completed the 5 Borough's Bike Tour in New York City. We cycled 40 miles across NYC to Staten Island along with 30,000+ riders. It was exciting to see all the sights up close on two wheels!

  • Jasmine Rea

    Jasmine Rea

    Regional Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic USA

    Email: jrea@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I help my teammates, clients, and partners connect, so we can all create the best lifelong memories for our visitors near and far, but especially in the Mid Atlantic region. 😉

    Why I love it: Travel is my middle name (it can be, since I don't have one). But more importantly, I love making a difference and seeing how my input in such a fun industry has positive outcomes for the parties involved.

    What I’m doing in this picture: In my typical fashion, I don't really own a lot of pictures of myself, since I am the one always taking pictures. Here, my husband was ahead of the game and took a picture of me, taking a picture of our kids and friends while touring Dubrovnik, Croatia, on our Game of Thrones Tour of King's Landing.

  • Brian J. Bradbury

    Brian J. Bradbury

    Regional Director of Sales, Northeast USA

    Email: bbradbury@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I’m a passionate media, marketing, and business professional always striving to help businesses and people develop and grow their passion.

    Why I love it: Understanding and collaborating with people on their personal and/or business goals, and being able to be a part of helping and guiding their journey toward success is a constant joy.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Upfront (left), looking intense but having a blast first-time whitewater rafting in Maine, with family and friends, all rowing in the same direction towards more excitement and fun. We’re always looking for new exciting experiences.

  • Kevin Bolis

    Kevin Bolis

    Regional Director of Operations, Northeast USA

    Email: kbolis@ctmmedia.com

    What I do:  I build championship teams and produce relevant solutions with creativity and enthusiasm.

    Why I love it:  Enthusiasm is contagious. I thoroughly enjoy assisting individual team members in achieving their "ah-ha" moments, which ultimately lead to the future success of the entire group.

    What I’m doing in this picture: On a beautiful December day, my family and I went to NYC and enjoyed our first experience at Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. We also met up for lunch with family and friends that we hadn’t seen in quite a while and took a stroll to witness the hustle-bustle of Times Square. It was truly an outstanding experience.

  • Koni Reese

    Koni Reese

    Regional Director of Sales – Midwest

    Email: kreese@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I’m in the business of connecting tourists & visitors to their greatest adventures, so that their memories and experiences keep them coming back for more fun!

    Why I love it:  The next best thing to taking your own trip or vacation is to see it through the eyes and passion of our clients when promoting their destination. The relationships we have built with our clients and our CTM family over the years, have been priceless!

    What I’m doing in this picture:  On our way to dinner to celebrate my Mom’s 75th Birthday on the Caribbean Princess Cruise Line. We connected with relatives I haven’t seen in almost 30 years. Amazing vacation!

  • Shannon Guay

    Shannon Guay

    Regional Director of Operations, Midwest USA

    Email: sguay@ctmmedia.com

    What I do: I oversee the day-to-day activities of multiple teams with a focus on communication and team work..

    Why I love it: I love working with people and helping them find new ways of doing the things they need to do to make CTM successful. I love the opportunities given by CTM to do good for our community through Charity work.

    What I’m doing in this picture: Spending the day on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my husband.

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