How to Create a Brochure That Moves

December 5th, 2017

The best brochures are authentic, experiential, connect to crowd appeal and appeal to women. Here are a few insider tips and a quick guide to create a brochure that gets people in the door.


#1 - Clear Headline

The top 2 inches of any brochure is your mini-billboard, especially when placed in a brochure display. Stand out from the crowd with a brochure stand friendly design. This includes the experience you offer (e.g. Wine Tasting) vs. your specific business name -- as tourists may not be familiar with your brand. A simple headline generates a nice pick-up rate.


#2 - Appeal to Women

Women are the “key decision makers” in spousal or family-unit vacations. Brochures should market in a female-friendly way and include bright colors. An attractive brochure has the power to change the visitors’ original route.


#3 Make the Brochure Message Experiential

The message needs to portray an emotional connection, less factual. Brochures should be eye-catching, inspire action, fun, and excitement.  Visitors are looking to experience something unique, memorable or something they have not done before.


#4 -  Make the Brochure Message Authentic

Demonstrate how visiting your establishment is an integral part of the visitor experience in your local town, city or region. Visitors are savvy and can detect when stock photography images are utilized. Make your branded brochure authentic.


#5 Connect to Crowd Approval

Rating systems are important to travelers in developing their hierarchy of “things-to-do” during vacation. To be more effective, a brochure should list any rating site accolades it’s received.


#6 Insider Knowledge

Offer discounts for seniors or Free Parking? Call out these features and other insider knowledge such as pertinent information which evokes excitement and entices a visitor to learn more.


#7 Back to Basics
Don’t forget to include your basic contact information such as phone number, hours of operations, events and pricing details. These can’t be overlooked.


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