ATTN: Restaurants…Hungry Tourists Are Looking For You!

February 14th, 2019

Picture this:

You’re on vacation.  You’re just returning to your hotel from a long day exploring the area.  You’re hungry.  As you walk through the hotel lobby to get to your room,  you see an ExploreBoard and decide to check it out with the hopes that the answer to your “what’s good to eat around here” question will be answered.  You click the “Eat & Drink” button on the screen…and, voila!  A list of local restaurants pops up. 

But not just a list…a picture list.  Each restaurant has a picture clearly defining who they are and what type of food they offer.  Juicy burgers, deep dish cheesy pizza, craft beers in a frosty glass, mouth-watering tacos….You click on the pictures that interest you, and are instantly provided with a snapshot profile of the restaurant.  Photos, videos, their location, hours of operation, accepted payment types, parking info and even a “fun fact”.  I mean, how unfulfilled would your life be if you didn’t find out that each of the Rainforest Friends at the Chicago Rainforest Café have a name and together are known as Cha! Cha! And the Wild Bunch! 


Getting yourself in front of tourists at the exact moment they are looking for a place to eat is priceless.  Sure, visitors can access information 24/7 on their phones or tablets…but what matters most is what’s directly in front of them the moment they want it.


“We are not a restaurant that spends much money on marketing.  We believe word of mouth is the best way to keep our business strong and it has worked for us.  The only problem with that approach is we miss all the Central Pennsylvania tourist industry which is a huge market.  Our first month using CTM I noticed New York families at our restaurant for brunch.  This trend has continued.  We are seeing new faces from out of town regularly.  I have seen clear results and will continue to keep CTM in my marketing budget!

- Jim Switzenberg, John Wright Restaurant - Lancaster, PA


Based on 2018 results, the "Eat & Drink" ExploreBoard homepage button was the #1 most user-requested button across the board.  Being part of an exclusive list of restaurants showcased on our digital ExploreBoards gives you an advantage over the hundreds of other restaurants you are competing with on internet search sites.  Displaying your restaurant as a dining option right in the hotel lobby provides you access to thousands of potential new customers!   And giving those potential customers the option to book a table, check out your menu and see photos of your food and restaurant increases your visibility exponentially.

So ask yourself this: Are you maximizing your exposure and getting yourself in front of the thousands of guests staying at local hotels in your area?  Are you missing out on capturing the “hungry tourist” looking for the best places to eat while on vacation?   If so, then it’s time you connect with CTM Media Group!  CTM is the expert in bringing tourists to the palm of your hands and delivering tangible results to your business in a way that no one else can.

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