CTM Media Group Inc. Renames Ettractions.com as VisitorFun.com

November 6th, 2017

CTM Media Group Inc., one of North America's largest distributors of visitor and tourism information, and Ettractions Inc. a leading provider of visitor-focused content and technology today announced the official renaming of their website ettractions.com to visitorfun.com. The new website was unveiled on November 1 and includes a new calendar feature highlighting upcoming events, special exhibits and tour times.


"The new website aligns with what we are all about here at CTM - visitor fun and supporting the growing needs of our tourism clientele and visitors that patronize these businesses," states Peter Magaro, President, CTM Media Group.


Visitorfun.com is devoted to connecting visitors with places to explore, attractions to see and activities to do.  The renaming of the website to visitorfun.com offers a multitude of benefits including a recognizable URL, one that is user-friendly, and more clearly reflects our company brand attributes.


The content engine that feeds the website visitorfun.com, as well as the company's digital touch screen network, eNews, and content licensing networks remain a part of CTM's digital division, Ettractions. Inc. based in Woburn, MA.


Visitors to the new website or recipients of their eNews can expect the same great content-rich information aligned in concise segments that easily allow visitors to answer their pertinent tourism questions quickly including Why I Should Go?,  What I Should Know?, and What Events Are Upcoming?


For more information or to learn more about CTM Media Group's digital division Ettractions Inc., visit the redesigned website now - http://www.visitorfun.com


About CTM Media Group Inc.

CTM Media Group Inc. is owned and operated by IDW Media Holdings Inc. (OTC Pink Markets: IDWM).  CTM Media Group Inc. is one of the largest distributors of visitor and tourism information in North America serving 19,000 locations and reaching 300 million visitors.  More than 3,000 clients consider CTM an integral part of their marketing strategy – many of them for more than 25 years. CTM partners with hotels, attractions, convention centers, transportation centers, sporting goods shops, and more to put their clients directly in front of visitors - right at the moment when they're making decisions about what to do next.


About Ettractions Inc.

Ettractions, Inc. is the digital partner of CTM Media Group, connecting visitors with relevant information throughout the travel decision-making process. From pre-planning online, mobile technology and through place-based visitor touchscreens located at major attractions, visitor centers, transportation hubs, retail locations, resorts and hotels, Ettractions influences the visitor's buying decision with rich user engagements including detailed information, videos, specials, events, mapping, ticketing and reservation options.

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