Brochures Offer Visiting EMTs a Chance to Explore the Beauty of New York City

May 18th, 2020

As our CTM Media Group staff connects with our exceptional host location partners and customers, we are happy to share some positive stories from the tourism industry.

Over these past weeks, the Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport Hotel has been offering COVID-19 responder rooms to emergency workers arriving from outside New York in service to front-line needs.

This property also hosts a CTM Media Group brochure display stand, and their front desk staff wanted us to know how many responders were still able to experience the magic and majesty of New York City.

"I wanted to share our story as we have remained open throughout the crisis.

We have housed a lot of EMTs that were from out of town that came to help New York with the COVID-19 crisis. Some of those while here took some time to enjoy our amazing city uninterrupted while things were closed. 

We had some guys head over to Times Square with some of the best pictures I've seen with empty streets and no tourists.  Some headed over to the 9/11 Memorial and were able to pay their respects and catch a glimpse of the new Freedom Tower.

Others headed over to Battery Park for a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty while others took to the new Hudson Yards (although the weather didn't help) and some pictures of Madison Square were taken without the bustle of people.

Although these are trying times, our EMTs were able to navigate through our great city and still catch a glimpse of the beauty we had to offer through your brochures.  Doors remained closed for most attractions, but we were able to offer a glimpse of some of the hospitality and normalcy we are all craving right now.

As we get ready to open back, please remember that we are all a part of this big city's driving force of hospitality, and we are more than excited and poised to serve those once they return.

All the best!"

Front Desk Staff,

Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport Hotel 

37-10 114th Street | Corona, NY  11368

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